Portland Beers

Beer Type Brewing Style Supplier ABV IBU State Country Bottle/Draft
Andechs Bergbock Lager Helles bock/ Maibock-Germany S&H Premium Brands 7.0 25 Germany Draft
Andechs Doppelbock Lager Doppelbock-Germany S&H Premium Brands 7.1 25 Germany Draft
Andechs Vollbier Hell Lager Helles-Germany S&H Premium Brands 4.8 25 Germany Draft
Bersalis Tripel Ale Tripel-Belgium Wetten Importers 9.0 18 Belgium Draft
Bronan the Salad Barbarian Lager Porter-Baltic Against the Grain Brewery 8.1 29 KY USA Draft
Delirium Argentum 25th Anniv. Ale Hybrid: see beer description Wetten Importers 7.8 49 Belgium Bottle
Delirium Tremens (CANS!) Ale Belgian Strong Golden (BSG) Wetten Importers 8.5 18 Belgium Bottle
Evil Twin Even More Jesus Ale Stout (Imperial-Countries vary) 12% Imports 12.0 45 Denmark Draft
Evil Twin Freudian Slip Ale Barley Wine 12% Imports 10.3 40 Germany Bottle
Fruh Kolsch Ale Kolsch-Germany S&H Premium Brands 4.8 25 Germany Draft
Gouden Carolus Classicer Ale Strong Ale (Brown/Dark)-Belgium Wetten Importers 8.5 20 Belgium Draft
Gouden Carolus Cuvee Van De Keizer Ale Strong Ale (Brown/Dark)-Belgium Wetten Importers 11.0 20 Belgium Bottle
Hop Crisis! Ale Double (Imperial) IPA (USA) 21st Amendment Brewery 9.7 94 CA USA Draft
London Balling Ale Barley Wine Against the Grain Brewery 12.5 80 KY USA Bottle
Monk Suffers Serious Sugar Rush on Barbados Ale Strong Ale (Brown/Dark)-Belgium 12% Imports 8.0 10 Denmark Draft