Portland Beers

Beer Type Brewing Style Supplier ABV IBU State Country Bottle/Draft
1920 Cognac Stout Imperiale Ale Stout (Imperial-Countries vary) Destihl Brewery 11.6 82 IL USA Bottle
2010 Espresso Oak Aged Yeti Ale Stout (Imperial-Countries vary) Great Divide Brewery 9.5 75 CO USA Bottle
2012 Old Stumblefoot Ale Barley Wine Walking Man Brewery 12.3 12 WA USA Draft
2014 Devil's Kriek Ale Flemish/Flanders Red-Belgium Double Mountain Brewery 8.3 0 OR USA Draft
Andechs Bergbock Lager Helles bock/ Maibock-Germany S&H Premium Brands 7.0 25 Germany Draft
Andechs Doppelbock Lager Doppelbock-Germany S&H Premium Brands 7.1 25 Germany Draft
Andechs Vollbier Hell Lager Helles-Germany S&H Premium Brands 4.8 25 Germany Draft
Fruh Kolsch Ale Kolsch-Germany S&H Premium Brands 4.8 25 Germany Draft

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